A Dream Thing

Jim Carrey was portraying an old man with stringy long hair who was balding on the top. His wife recently passed, leaving him a widower. He began writing several large checks that he knew would bounce, but laughed maniacally as he did not care. He had a plan. As bankers were coming to collect and foreclose on his property, he chopped off the ropes that were anchoring his old Victorian home on the riverbank, letting it crash into the rapids. A huge wave suddenly smashed into the home and overtook it, sending it into what was now an ocean. The house popped back up on land unscathed, and Jim Carrey had a big tough guy to act as his muscle.  The man with the muscle was threatening to give someone a tattoo with a straight razor blade and acrylic paint. I was in the scene, as he came up to me and started using the razor to peel off my finger nails. Pretending to be tougher than the tough guy, I said, “I can take it!”

My phone then buzzed and I awoke.


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